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SUEZ wins EUR 142m contract to modernize Tashkent water system

SUEZ wins EUR 142m contract to modernize Tashkent water system
Photo: SUEZ

French water and waste management giant SUEZ has signed its first contract in Uzbekistan—a “flagship” EUR 142 million agreement with the Municipality of Tashkent and the Uzbek Ministry of Housing and Communal Services.

Over the next 7 years, SUEZ will support the modernization of Tashkent’s water system, transfering technological and management knowhow to Tashkent Shahar SuvTaminoti (TSST).

In line with Uzbek development principles, local managers and water specialists will be trained within the framework of the “Uzbekistan Water Academy.”

Working in partnership, SUEZ and TSST will digitize the day-to-day management of Tashkent’s water system, creating a “smart” system that will reduce waste.

Tashkent—home to 3.5 million people—is experiencing increased demand for drinking water given the recent boom in construction and continued population growth.

Ana Giros, a senior executive vice president at SUEZ, hailed the Tashkent contract as “a flagship project to showcase in the whole Central Asian region and to boost SUEZ’s international development.”

The deal is a major boost for Uzbek-French economic relations. In 2018, France became the first EU member state to host Uzbek President Shavkat Mirziyoyev on a state visit.